Do’s and Don’ts of Disciplining a Child with ADHD or LD

Best  Rules  for  Parents  to  Follow

Most parents that have a child with LD or ADHD realize that their child has a condition that has a neurological cause.  The neurological condition occurs while still in the womb.  One of the problems that the parents have to deal with is behavioral issues. So, what’s a parent to do who is exasperated with broken rules and emotional outburst?

Dr. Domeena Renshaw’s book, The Hyperactive Child, listed 18 discipline suggestions for the child with ADHD.  I picked 9 of them to share with you, weather your child has ADHD, LD, or both.

  1. Be consistent in carrying out the rules for your household.
  2. Resist loud anger. Keep your voice low and controlled.
  3. Avoid constant “Stop”, Don’t, and “No”!
  4. Observe pre-explosive warnings. Quietly intervene by distracting him or her or discussing the conflict calmly.
  5. Change the environment when notice anxiety building. Take a break-his or her room or outside for a while.
  6. Restrict playmates to one or two at a time. Explain your rules to the playmate and briefly tell the other parent your reasons.
  7. Do not overindulge your child. His condition of the nervous system is manageable.
  8. Maintain open dialog with his or her teacher. Share your techniques and be open to the teacher’s.
  9. Follow the “Do one thing at a time” rule. E.g., one toy, one activity, one chore etc.  Multiple stimuli prevent concentration on the primary task.

Children feel safe with rules.  They need to know what the rules are and what the consequences are for breaking them.  The greatest rule for all households is found in God’s Word:

This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you.”  ~ John 15: 13

And, Love Never Fails!!!  ~ I Corinthians 13: 8

God bless your parenting journey!

Author: Myrna Easom

Coauthoring a book for parents whose child has been diagnosed with a learning disability or ADHD.

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