How to Handle Homework

By now, most schools have sent out first grading period progress reports.  For many students with LD and ADHD, supervision of homework is extra important to guarantee success.  Here are some homework tips that can help change poor progress reports into good progress reports!

  • Discuss with the teacher(s), a plan that would include you, the parent to sign off that homework was completed. (Each assignment)
  • Utilize school website of homework assignments, if available.
  • Keep an extra set of books at home. (No more, “left my book at school!”)
  • Arrange with the teacher, for short-term, to check or have aide check to make sure that he/she has homework assignment and materials needed. He/she can’t be “baby-sat” forever, so that is why it needs to be short-term.
  • If your child is experiencing daily, high stress over homework, discuss with teacher: shorter assignments or extra day (s) time to finish if necessary.
  • All of the above can be written into your child’s IEP, if under an IEP. If, no IEP, the school should still work with the parent on any of these suggestions.

These are just a few well known strategies.  If you have more suggestions, feel free to share with us.  A parent and a child will be glad you did!


Author: Myrna Easom

Coauthoring a book for parents whose child has been diagnosed with a learning disability or ADHD.

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