The Homework Scene

Beating the Homework Blues ~ Five Tips

1)   Expand knowledge:  your child is not going to grow as an independent learner if all that is required of him or her is to “answer” homework questions in workbooks or textbooks.   Expand your child’s knowledge on different subjects by discussing the content of the subject matter or looking up more information on the Internet.

2)   Give directions one at a time or step by step.  Instruct your child to finish one assignment before going to the next one.

3)   Foster organizational skills:  when homework is finished-place into notebook/book bag and set by door, ready to grab when leaving for school.

4)    Set boundaries:  all children can become manipulative.  And children with LD or ADHD can become masters at it, as a defense mechanism.   Hold your ground on your expectations for homework time.  Your child needs structure and consistency.

5)   Praise good efforts and good attitudes:  now and then reward in some tangible way.

Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.   ~ Proverbs 22: 6



Author: Myrna Easom

Coauthoring a book for parents whose child has been diagnosed with a learning disability or ADHD.

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