Red Flag Alerts

Summer time is a good time for parents of children that struggle in school, to seriously consider whether to have their child evaluated for specific learning disabilities (LD).  If you have vacillated back and forth about moving forward with testing, then maybe it is time to really examine the “red flags” that have been haunting you over the past year or even years.

The mistake many parents make is to count the red flags. (Log on to for comprehensive lists of age related LD symptoms.) There are long lists of “LD” symptoms to ponder, but before jumping to conclusions, it is important to apply the FID Formula.  If your child’s symptoms meet the criteria of FID, then, by all means, seek diagnostic testing.  Here’s the FID criteria:

FFrequency of symptoms: the more frequent the symptoms occur, the more likely the indication of a leaning problem; also, look to see if symptoms occur in more than one setting, e.g., at home as well as at school. And or in social or recreational areas.

I…Intensity of symptoms:  ask these questions: “Is learning affected to a significant degree? Are grades failing consistently?  Do high frustration levels consistently rise when doing school related work?”

DDuration of symptoms:  symptoms continue past a month or two and intervention strategies have failed to help much or not at all.

My prayer for you today:

Dear Lord, there are many parents out there not knowing where or when to test for LD.  Please give them your guidance as they seek the right avenues for getting the help their precious child deserves. 

“The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble.”  ~ Nahum 1:7

Author: Myrna Easom

Coauthoring a book for parents whose child has been diagnosed with a learning disability or ADHD.

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